Monday, September 22, 2008

Prepare for silent running!

I realize I haven't posted much in a while, totally my fault. The webcomic has been keeping me busy, and is now available online at, so check it out!

Tomorrow, however, I'm going to be starting at Jim Henson Studios doing motion capture animation cleanup for about a 2-month contract and it's going to keep me pretty busy. So before the posting blackout begins (yeah, I know, how can you have a blackout if you haven't been posting anything?), I figured I'd throw up a deluge of random sketches.


Matthew Long said...

You call that a deluge? 4 clickable images? You disappoint me Rynders. Now make it a habit of posting more, having a job is no excuse. Next time I expect a plethora of images.(especially if you take the metrolink)

Tal Moscovici said...

YEAH!!! You've let us all down by finding employment, Storm Shadow. As such, a colossal glut of sketches is mandatory on your next post as The Dragon so eloquently put it.


John Campbell said...

I picture of Hiei! All right go STEVE!!!