Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Camping sketches, 7-17-06; The exciting Conclusion...

Here's a more refined sketch that I was trying to turn into a background/layout, using 3 depth/value layers: The far mountain range in the far bg, a midrange hill with a lot of trees, and the trees/bushes in the closest foreground layer. I think I might have messed up the values when I scanned it into Photoshop and played with the contrast. I still think the bg is a bit hard to see, I'll have to keep playing with that 3 layer value thing.

The Spider car/tanks came from some discussing involving driving down a freeway in a MadMax-like vehicle shaped as a spider, with jaws in the front that would pull racer kiddies into it's giant metal shredding jaws, whilst spitting fire from the sides, and electricity arcing between the pipes of the massive pipe organ coming out of the back, while the villain played and his ridiculously long trenchcoat blowing in the wind behind him.

Oh, and a robot.

Camping sketches, 7-16-06

Now we're actually getting somewhere. The guy on the right I sketched while watching A Fistful of Dollars (yeah, dvds while camping, not exactly roughing it), it was supposed to be the main bad guy, El Indigo I think his name was. Good movie, but something I'd rather watch at home where I can pay attention instead of swatting mosquitos. The rest I did as just playing around with shapes/proportion variety as some head drawings. Just kind of went off of what I saw John Nevarez do at the EAA seminar he gave back in May.

Camping sketches, 7-15-06

Just some sketches from over the weekend, I went camping with some friends up at Edison Lake (photos are here if you're interested: http://flickr.com/photos/Konamicode/). I did about a page a day. This was from Saturday. Nothing too spectacular, this is typically how a page in my sketchbook looks - lots of scribbly stuff that doesn't really go anywhere, just me throwing lines down, the rest of the stuff from the weekend will be a bit more refined/edited, and just more...interesting.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

...continued, again!

More of a Gackt-style GH hero this time. I'll work on some more flamboyish poses, but just wanted to get an idea of how I wanted him to look, how his hair might go, a general shape overall. He could probably look a bit more alien/effiminate though, to be a j-rock Idol/Saver of Worlds.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Guitar "Hero" Concepts, Pt 2

just a couple more sketches I did this afternoon. Think that I still need to push the variations a bit. The heads feel too similar to me in proportion. Also I need to start finishing off my feet, or it'll look like I'm hiding them.


A couple sketches of a character Matt and I came up with after he got a spam message from possibly the greatest name in the world - Benedict Blackburn.

"Guitar Hero" Challenge thread on Polycount

So the current challenge on Polycount for the next two weeks is to create a "Guitar Hero" style character, 2K polys with textures, wielding a guitar. Since I've been going through a GH withdrawal, I immediately started cranking out a couple sketches for a character. I'm going to do more tomorrow, and try out some different types of characters, but for now I wanted to start off with a hardcore type guy, the ear plugs, annoying goatee, wearing some sort of prison coverall with torn off sleeves, and probably full sleeve tattoos.