Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New pens, woo!

Just felt like posting a couple little sketches I did tonight to break in a couple new pens I got. First we have the long-time favorite of mine, the Pilot Hi-Tec C. A very fine tip pen that I believe is only available through importers, like Kinokuniya Bookstores. I love doing little sketches with these. Secondly I was looking for a brush pen, but with a bit more control, and I ended up picking up something a bit different. It's a dual tipped (one on either end) Pilot pen, similar to a felt-tip, with one end black and the other a gray. I like it quite a bit so far, and I think it'll be great to use to put in splashes of gray for the little sketches I do with the Hi-Tec. I'm going to be traveling to Hawaii on Friday for some good friends' wedding, and I'm looking forward to all sorts of stuff to draw while I'm there!