Thursday, June 12, 2008

Comic Character Lineup

Ah, things have been pretty silent on the old blog front for awhile, and that's my fault. No excuse for it! Anyhow, here's some characters that I've done recently for a webcomic that I was hired to draw. It's for an upcoming webportal for college and high school students, and they wanted a webcomic to go along in a sort of Student Life section. I've done about 4 of the comics so far, and I think I've got a workflow down that works pretty well. Once the site is launched and the comics themselves are live, I'll give it a link here.

1 comment:

John Campbell said...

No excuses boy!

Anyhow, very nice work! I think this web portal company made a very good hire. Soon, very soon, they will not even be able to afford you.