Sunday, August 23, 2009

They're gonna put it down on the Vegas Strip

A few months ago I tested for an artist position at a company. They gave me the theme Little Green Men and I made a couple images that I submitted to them. I used this project to sink my teeth a little bit further into Illustrator, the first image I sketched out the main character, the Men in Black character, and the Ufo Alien in pencil, scanned it, then inked the linework and did the text graphic in Illustrator. I then exported it to Photoshop for coloring.

The second image I was a bit looser with the original idea and sketch. It's not as strong of a piece, I think, but I did like that I was able to knock out a second idea, even if it wasn't as fully developed, to show a bit more range. I used the same process, changed up the inking style in Illustrator a little bit but again, did the coloring in Photoshop. I had spent a lot of time on the text graphic, and was pretty happy with how it came out, so I used it for both images.

Ultimately it didn't lead anywhere, and while I probably wouldn't call these portfolio pieces they allowed me to practice and play with some new techniques. I didn't sign any paperwork or NDA, so there shouldn't be any problem, I think, with posting these up for everyone to see.

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John Campbell said...

Those are sweet Steve! I really don't know how that theme could have been done any better. When I see the difference between what I can do in Photoshop, and what you can do, I can clearly see the difference between myself and a real pro.