Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be Valkyrie Pilots.

So out of the discussion for a flash animated cartoon that would rip on the Japanese Giant Robot genre; I challenged Trey to a blog drawing challenge. The idea was to draw ourselves as Macross characters, specifically Valkyrie/Veritech pilots. Mainly because we think the flight suits (the helmets in particular) are cool.

So I got a very late start on mine, it was supposed to be done yesterday...but that's when I was getting started.

So here's mine; I don't exactly think it looks too much like me; I butchered the eyes; which were really giving me some trouble. I think I stayed pretty loose with it; wish I could have come up with a slightly better composition though. Ended up a bit more centered than I would have liked, and just coming up with a pose that i liked was trouble enough.

This is where I was last night:
And here's the final:


treyhodges said...

Damn Fine Drawing ya got there Rynders!!! I like the concept of coming back from battle with other fighters flying in the background. Nice Job.

basil said...

you look dark... sinister like.