Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And already, it's June.

Haven't posted here in a while, but Matt was on me to do something more finished, and this is what came out of it today. I'm not incredibly happy with it, but for reasons that are hard for me to express. Mainly because as soon as I start tying down a sketch into a more finished drawing, in my eyes, it just dies. So if anyone has any thoughts on this, or how to work around/through it, I'd really appreciate hearing them.


cplbasilisk said...

you gotta just keep doing more finished work til you're happy with your results. keep at it!

Robert Evans said...

This character has a lot of energy and potential. Maybe background would help it to stay alive in your eyes.

John Campbell said...

Well I think it looks good. If you really wanna change anything, just give her bigger boobs.