Monday, March 05, 2007

More 3d work...

Here's the bookcase to go along with the sketches below. I modeled it out pretty quickly, and at the moment it's pretty much all unwrapped, including the books. For the books, I only made about 3-4 templates, and just made instance copies to populate the bookcase to make it look jam packed with stuff. At the moment it's around 820 triangles, which I would like to get smaller. I think what I'll try is dumping all the faces on the backside of the books that face the back of the shelf where you can't see. As long as it's under 1000 I'll be happy, but I might go back in and add some planes to add more cobwebs hanging from the books. Right now the black polys you see are where existing cobwebs will go, they just haven't been textured yet, and doing a screenshot from Maya on my machine won't alpha-blend those sections out.

Update: I'm about to say the modeling is final, and UVs are done. Here it is, with the Unreal Tournament Default/No-Texture Texture:

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Rena said...

looks awesome!